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Editor’s Picks – March 2015 Goldmine Magazine 

Scott Gailor


[Malleable Records]

Guitarist Scott Gailor has been around the block, and that’s not a knock. He has matured quite a bit from his early-’90s hair metal days to become one of the more interesting hard rock guitar slingers around today. What you get on “Technicolor/Monochrome” is an irresistable blend of fast energy (opener “G Body Shuffle”) and smooth melody (“Bodhisattva-HIghway Bound”), skipping the addictive shredding course for a pleasing guitar-instrumental full-length.

Patrick Prince

Goldmine Magazine

When passion runs deep in a musician, it’s usually noticeable in the first few notes they play. It strikes you immediately. It’s an undeniable vibe, feeling, mojo (call it what you want) that makes you say “More of that please”.

Such as the case with the new release from Scott Gailor.

Technicolor Monochrome is a trip into a passionate guitarists mind as he leads us on a sonic twisting turning adventure of style with a new level of precision and grace not seen in awhile.

From the jaw busting opening track “G Body Shuffle” to the modal woodshedding of the closer “Tribal Redux” this is the disc in 2015 that’s gonna make you want to practice. A lot.

Is Scott Gailor doing what many other guitarists do? Sure, but his passion is the stand out on this ten song, fat toned, heart filled, technical gonzo. You can hear it in every note weaving in and out of varied styles with class and ease. Let’s face it, we all wanna play like this guy.
The stand out track for me is “No Smoking Section”. Just the opening chords, especially the ones coming through the middle speakers is subliminally telling me to “Break Some Furniture!!”
Rock and Roll People!!! Scott Gailor is preaching the word and its time to listen.

Technicolor Monochrome should be in your collection and thanks to Scott we all need to practice more.

Mark Daven
Guitar Radio Show

"amazing kick ass blend between rock, blues and metal that Will rip your throat out and make you stomp your feet"

Jac Harrison

Gear Guys Radio


On Jan 27, 2015, at 11:46 PM, Derryl Gabel wrote:
Scott, wow, your album smokes! The guitar work is blistering! That's your best work yet. You should feel very proud. At first listen I think Union Ave is my favorite. Has a bit of a Vai vibe going on, the lydian mode. Cool. No Smoking Section reminds me a bit of Greg Howe. Man, the tunes are solid and the recording is outstanding. The separation is very good. That album could easily be on the Shrapnel label. Way to go Scott!


"There's people you idolize and then there's people that change not just the rules, but the whole game entirely. Scott is somehow both. It would be an understatement to say his work and changed the way I view music professionally"

Elliot James


Hey Monday (Columbia)

Break Blossom 

Big Idea Music


"The first time I heard/ saw Scott Gailor play I was 16 years old and I thought he was an alien  from outterspace! Simply Amazing"!!!

JP Soars

Guitarist southern hospitality and JP Soars and the Red Hots


Scott is the man and always has been since I first met him in my early 20's, that would have put him still in diapers. We were at a jam in an old warehouse and were laying it down on some Stanley Clark and other cool stuff. He amazed  me then and has never stopped, world class monster!


Dave Van Epp

Guitarist NYC

The Brats

'I've had the pleasure of knowing scott for many years, he's an incredible player of course, but what makes him truly inspiring is that he is a constant STUDENT as well, always looking to improve as a guitarist and a musician..he's a blast to share the stage with, and am looking forward to more stage and studio work with him..."


Jason K



"Lady Luck" is one of the cds highlights. Johnny B extends his vocal range and smoothes out his delivery, but it's the breakneck speed and, well "happy" vibe emitted from the band that just makes you want to crank it all up to 11.Everything sounds like the band is playing live;there are no production gimmicks that get in the way of the music. This is just raw Kidd Havok, and it's awesome. Marcs' solo tips it head to Van Halen, with structured tapping and sheer speed

Derric Miller


Kidd Havok's music can be described as some of the very best hair metal, certainly that I have ever heard, both released and un-released material. These guys could of easly stood tall with the big boys that were signed to the major labels back in the day. Axeman, Scot Marcs(AKA Scott Gailor) brings blazing guitars to the music reminiscent of the great Nuno Bettercourt. From Slash to Harry Cody to even the best of C.C. Deville's guitar chops that he was busting out in the early 90's. From the opening riff you will be stopped in your tracks at his genius! This is very special stuff, every song holding its very own piece of magic. In periods of the album you can almost hear Marc go surfing with the alien, O.K. you get the point, this guy shredds!!


David Moors

President SunCity Records


Scot is freaking amazing!! Very progressive metal!!  I have never in my life seen a guitar solo like the one Scot performed.  I was so mesmerized that I almost forgot to take a picture.  He was the only one on stage for quite sometime, and just when you thought he blew your mind, he did it again! Face melting guitar solo, this guy can shred! Scot  did finger tapped arpegios, pinch harmonics (squelies), tremelo picking, you name it, he probably did it, all in one awesome solo!  That alone made this concert well worth it! You the man Scot!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hairspray and Cigarettes

Posted by Caro at 2:19 PM


We all have obsessions. Scott has two. One has been lived on a pair of blades, as a hockey goalie, while the other is of the six-string variety and it is one that has served him well all through his life. On the ice, he is always thinking four beats ahead of the action, setting up for the next move by his teammates or the opposition. The same can be said of his guitar playing. A master shredder, Scott Gailor's playing shows a sensibility for the moment, that magically seems right, even after the last note is played. But it doesn’t end there: A while later, you are still thinking of what you’ve just heard.

Mark Elias


West Palm Beach

"one of the finest guitarist of our time "

he combines modern guitar wizardry with dazzling stage presence a must see live!!!

Steve Siciliano

Palm Beach Guitars


I've had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Scott. He was professional and also very easy to work with. Good attitude, solid gear, and cool stage presence. I look forward to working with him again in the future...

Gus Rios

Malevolent Creation 


Scott is not only an incredible, precise guitar player - he’s also a brilliant and innovative music professional who lives and breathes the music industry and possesses a keen ear for great tone.

Jenny Morrison

FullSail University 

Bassist Teflon Don


  "Scott Gailer plays and performs at the level of any featured guitarist on the G3 tour past or present. 

Mike Verzi

Open Mike






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