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Practice vs Playing


Practice vs Playing 

How do I make the most of my practice time?

First off there is a huge difference between playing and practicing. 

Playing things that you already know is not practicing in my mind. Practice should be about learning something new. Not playing the same ole stock licks. 

You need a plan. A simple "practice" plan. Make a list, things you want to improve on, goals, both short term and long term. 

Break your routine down into simple small chunks. 

Here is a sample. 

Scales - 20 minutes 

Chords - 15 minutes

Song(s) - 10 minutes a piece 

Licks - 10 minutes etc

An egg timer or the alarm on a phone will help you stay on the course. 

Remember practice should be just that, practice. Having a practice schedule helps. 

Now with all this being said. There is absolutely nothing wrong with just playing! Running though things you know and enjoy. Most of all have fun! 

One last thought. You should play at a little everyday, just to keep your hands in shape. 

It's funny for me practice is almost zen like, very close to Meditation. I almost guilty if I don't play or practice everyday. 

Nothing happens overnight. It takes desire, discipline and dedication to improve as not only a guitar player but a musician. 

Happy Saturday 


Some Great Guitar Books!

I get asked all the time about what are some of my favorite guitar books. so here is a short list

Scales and Modes in the beginning
By  Ron Middlebrook 

Chord Chemistry
By Ted Greene

21st Century Intervallic Designs
By Joe Diorio

Quartal Harmony and Voicings for Guitar
By Tom Floyd

Guitar Improvising Vol 1 & 2
Jazz Guitar Scales and Modes

By Vincent Bredice

A Modern Method For Guitar Vol 1
Berklee Series Guitar

By William G. Leavitt

Reaching For The Uncommon Chord
By Allan Holdsworth

My suggestion is read everything you can get your hands on. Be a sponge and soak up as much knowledge as you can. There are so many great book,dvds, youtube videos and lesson websites. Plus so much free info on the web!!!!!

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