Scott Gailor

Guitarist - Tone Junkie - Producer - Clinician - Teacher

Guitarist - Tone Junkie Chronicles - Clinician - Teacher

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Nico's USA Pickups Endorsement!

Nico's USA would like to welcome on board the incredible guitar virtuoso Scott Gailor!! He is an explosive guitar player with skills that can mold into any style but definitely shines in all out shred metal! Scott has played with Scrooge, Union Jack, Kidd Havok (SunCity Records) and Lauren Krothe. He has opened for everyone from Yngwie Malmsteen to Dokken, Extreme, and Sebastian Bach. Scott plays with incredible passion and has the talent to play with speeds that rival EVH or Malmsteen. You can find him playing on YouTube as he has videos for tips, tricks and licks, as well as official videos for his music. His current release "Technicolor/Monochrome" absolutely smokes. Check out for more info!!! Welcome to the family Scott!!!




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