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Summer Namm 2015 (Nashville Recap)

Summer Namm 2015 ReCap !

So Nashville, Tennesse is always one of my favorite places to go. I love the city, people and of the rich musical history. Everyone is so friendly and nice. 

Well lets start with Summer The NAMM Sho
Great layout, same place as last year. Same expensive parking lol
I was demoing at the Dialtone Pickup booth, we had some great traffic and the response was great. It was hard to get the subtle nuances across (between the noise police and other booths bitching). 

I stopped by the Von York Strings booth to see my Brothers in arms Jac Harriso and Rosario Panzarell who also do Gear Guy Radio! Well as you know by now I'm part of the VonYork family! Had such a blast with Brian Larki Steve Bell  Daddy Shred and Donna Panzarella (thank you for everything!) We even went out and caught a few songs by Daniel Donato at Roberts Western World.

Had to stop by and see one of my favorite Guitar Builder Jon Palir Guitar. He just keeps making the most amazing feeling guitars. The Genesis is beyond amazing and the Shipwrecked finish is killer! Still gonna get a pink Paisley one of these days!

Up next Chase Bliss Audio 
Simply put Joel is on some next level shit. He makes some of the most insane, yet musical pedals out there. Digital Brain Analog Heart is more then just a tag line its the truth. Plus he took the time to walk me though all the cool setting! Unreal!

Stop by Decibel Eleve and hung with Laura and crew. Great people and amazing gear. Plus a lil' birdie told me they were working on something really cool!

GJ2 Guitar blew me away. I stopped by the booth to see if Rob Marcell was playing (he wasn't) and Jon Gold put a tele in my hand. Sounded great played great, best part it was an import with a street price of $799.99. If they didn't tell me i would have never know. GJ2 Guitars made in the USA by Grover Jackso still has it!! Can't wait to Winter Namm I will get to see the shop!

Indigo Amplification 
Played a combo at the Von York booth and really dug, Jac took me over to the booth and Eric Z showed me some killer settings and amps! Very Vox meets Dumble, plus not to heavy and still looks cool. A must have for me.

BootLeg Guitar and Jon Hill had some killer guitars with him. I was really digging the firbirdish with a Floyd. I didn't have time to plug anything in, but they felt amazing.  Plus the clear control covers were a nice touch. 

I sold, gaveaway and traded about 200 cds! So thank you to everyone who found me and took a second to say hi etc. You guys always make me feel good about still doing this!!!!!!

Ran into so many people I won't even attempt to tag everyone so feel free to tag your self!

A big shout out and Thank you tp Patrick Buckle for let me focus on being a player during all the craziness.

Last but not least I got to meet and talk with James Burto. Such an incredible guitar player, but a better person. Mt. Burton thank you for taking the time to talk with me!

I'm still sick so I'm sure I have left some stuff out, and there might be a spelling or grammar error. Get over lol!

Love and Respect



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