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"If it's not fun or challenging don't do it."

Here is a thinker of a guitar tip for ya'll!


"If it's not fun or challenging  don't do it. Step away or change something, anything!" 

This is something that can and will work for your guitar playing. I can't stress the importance of actual practice vs. jamming it noodling on the couch while watching TV. 

The main this is you have to want to do it. No one can force you.

For me somedays I don't want to straight practice. On those days I'll run scales or finger excises, maybe arpeggios. Anything that will work my hands. 

Remember you're an athlete you're using tiny muscles that must be worked on a regular basis. That will keep them in shape so you can get what is in your head out to your hands. 

One of my favorite books when I was in my  formative playing years was a book by Lee F. Ryan called "The Natural Classical Guitar"   

He covered so many things such as ancient views, modern views realizing your potential, self-realization and big and small selves. 

It really opened my eyes to what my true potential as a player could be. 

Are you in a rut? Wanna get out of it? 

Simply set goals. 

Work on one thing at a time. Remember when learning something new slow is fast. 

Take breaks 

Most of all have fun. 

Last but not least. If you tired sleep. Hungry eat. Bored or unfocused do something different. It's truly up to you. 

The Most beautiful thing about the instrument is it will never be Mastered. You'll never reach the top of the mountain. But the journey there will be amazing, challenging, frustrating, rewarding and most of all fun!

I have included a copy of my very worn version of the book. Regardless of style that  you play this book will help you become a better guitarist.





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