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Visualizing the Fretboard

Let's talk about Visualizing the fret board. This will open up a whole new world for your playing. It is one of the most of the most important part of my personal playing/practice routine, Especially when I'm learning something new.


I like to write out  the main scale (of the tune I'm working on) all over the neck. So I can see all the chordal Possibilities, Arpeggios options and Possible modal changes.


A good and cheap way to do this is to make or find a full shot of the neck (tons of great ones on the internet) and have it Laminated so you can write on it with a dry erase marker. Then you can alway scan it and make more notes on it as you go. 


Be able to see the fretboard as a whole will open up both your mind and you chops. 


Once you have done all this. Then you want to close your eyes (no cheating) and playing though, not over the changes. This was a great tip from The Joe Diorio video tape that I Wore out when I was younger.


When ever I'm in a rut. I stand up close my eyes and press record. Then I just play.  I leave it for a few days then I go back and listen to see if there is anything special in there. 


I know this one was a little heady but it will really help you grow as a player.



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