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Guitar Moments Part 1

I want to share a guitar "moment" with everyone. 

By the time I started taking guitar lessons I had already played piano, violin and trumpet. I really wanted to play guitar from the beginning, but it was not offered in school then. 

I had a few different teachers early on (unfortunately I can't remember their names) the 2nd teacher was at a small music shop on Broadway in downtown Saratoga. A little tiny shop upstairs in the center of Broadway that I could walk to from my house with my guitar by myself (image doing that now). I didn't study with him very long, he told my mother that I wouldn't be a guitar player. That I just didn't have the focus etc. 

The good part of this story was he turned me on to Dire Straits and the song  Sultans Of Swing. It was the first time I heard that semi twang of a Strat and the arpeggio outro. I was fascinated with the tone and the sequence of arpeggios. 

For the longest time I would make up my own versions of that type of modal arpeggio type run. I would try it in all different keys and always on the high E and B strings. 

Much later I saw Mark Knopfler on TV playing a Suhr guitar with a OFR and EMG pickups. I was finally starting to understand the term that tone is in the fingers. 

So tell me about one your guitar "Moments"





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